Welcome to Brexons Hotspots

Create a new source of income for your business.Wireless internet really is the next big thing when it comes to the basic requirements of a holidaymaker. With Brexons Hotspots as a Park Owner you can get wireless internet access across your entire park.

We are specialists in the supply of high speed, reliable intenet systems for holiday parks and camping facillties throughout the UK. We are able to provide you with a 20Mbps connection regardless of how rural your location may be. Our systems use the very latest technology, are extremely quick and easy to install and the best part is that the equipment and installation is completely FREE! Can be installed ANYWHERE FREE equipment FREE installation Super fast connection via Satellite Provide your customers with a essentail facility Create a new line of income for YOUR business Simply tell us how you would like it to work! The KEY to our system is that we have full control. Usage and connection status is monitored remotely. Most importantly our bespoke firmware ensures a full history of who has used the internet connection and when they used it. You can charge your customers via PayPal meaning you don't have to be involved with the way in which people pay for using your service. Our friendly team will explain the different options and advise on how you can get the very best from your system. How we configure your system is entirely up to you. Brexons Hotspots internet & WiFi systems are configured to suit your requirements. Completely FREE installation and equipment that can generate YOU a rather nice extra income for your business! Too good to be true you say... give us a call! We simply charge your guests a small fee to use the service. They pay directly via their web browser using their credit/debit card and we take care of the rest. If they have a problem they contact us. If they have any questions they contact us. This leaves you to continue managing your park without worrying about WiFi for your guests.