What do Brexons Hotspots internet systems do for you?

Our system is based on similar principles to your home WiFi network, but on a commercial scale. This allows us to cover much larger physical areas. We can either provide you with a new super fast internet system or take control of your existing connection.

We do this by providing a series of access points around. These access points or antennas transmit a strong WiFi signal across your entire site. The access point equipment is discrete and can be easily installed on existing structures (poles, lamp posts, buildings, caravan power connection points etc). Often there are no requirements for laying new cables, all we need is a standard 13Amp wall socket. This means that there is minimal disruption to the site during the installation of our system.

Anyone with a WiFi enabled device (eg. laptop, tablet, mobile phone) within your grounds can obtain access to the internet providing they have been supplied with an access code. Our bespoke router firmware gives you total control of the WiFi hotspot. It can be configured in whatever way best suits your requirements. Our systems record the following: Who has accessed the system What time they have logged on/off the system How much data they have consumed

What is a WiFi Hotspot? A hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network (WLAN) through the use of a router connected an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use WiFi technology. In recent years, WiFi hotspots have become a necessary provision in many areas both urban and rural, one of these areas being campsites and holiday parks.

WiFi Solutions

We provide WiFi for holiday parks, camp sites and business. Our team pride themselves in offering a friendly, personal service. We offer a large range of solutions for all budgets, from low cost self installed hotspots to multi antenna wireless networks. We offer a Free WiFi system with a profit share for eligible leisure parks (Contact us for more details)

Quality installation

We have a qualified team of installation engineers with current health and safety accreditations and relevant trades.

Modern equipment, simple to use and fully customised to your needs

Our high speed “state of the art” equipment is designed for users on smart phones, computers and tablets.

7 day help desk and support with live monitoring

We ensure that the customer and yourself get the best possible service with our dedicated , personal , specialist support and live monitoring.

Fibre, ADSL or Satellite Broadband Internet

We are able to connect our systems to all internet connections. We provide competitive packages for UK broadband providers also offer competitively priced satellite broadband on various packages.

Profit share

Depending on the package provided, we can offer all or part of the revenue generated by the system.

WiFi in 4 Easy Steps

Drop us an email or give one of our team a call on 01427 239 143. We will then carry out an off site survey and discus your needs. We don’t mess about, we aim to get your quote to you the very same day for your review. If you are happy, we arrange an installation slot to suit you. We can install most parks in under a day Sit back, relax and let your customers enjoy your new service on your park.

Benefits of WiFi for your Caravan Park

Providing an additional service such as Internet Access for your caravan, camping or holiday park can give you a competitive advantage over other leisure businesses in your area. Using a service like a WiFi hotspot or park wide WiFi can help improve ratings with tourist boards and other marketing websites. Improve marketing rankings Customers stay longer Improved park facilities and services Generate extra revenue with our profit share scheme Excellent value service for customers.

WiFi Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the service take to install?

It can vary depending on the size of your park and the amount of Access Points needed, but most installations can be completed within 1 day. Prior to installation a survey will be carried out to determine the locations of the Access Points.

Q. What equipment will be installed?

Each site will need at least 1 main connection point to the internet and 1 access point with a set of antennas. More access points may be needed depending on the size of your park.

Q. Why should I offer wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to my customers?

Market research shows 40% of customers that search for a caravan park online take wireless internet into consideration and include this as part of their search criteria.

Q. How easy is it to get my park online?

Contact us and we will arrange a site survey and do everything for you. We can usually have things up and running within a week of our initial contact.

Q. Can I use my existing business broadband connection?

A. Depending on the size of your park you may be able to use your existing connection, if not we will set-up a dedicated broadband connection for you.

Q. What about Support?

A. We provide FREE support for all of our customers. Offering telephone, email support and supplying various help leaflets available on all our sites, demonstrating step by step exactly how to connect to the network from many popular devices such as iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC etc.